Lint Sanity at Makers Festival 2018

Soledad Migone at the Toronto Maker Festival


Lint Sanity made its debut at the Maker Festival in Toronto July 7th, 2018 and the response was enthusiastic! After a year of experimenting and lots of trial and error, it was time to bring the idea to the public. It was an important step for sensing the level of knowledge and interest out there.

The emphasis from the start of this project was to make the process of removing plastic lint from our laundry water to be as simple and assessable as possible. Maker Festival was the ideal place where people explore taking the processes of making and creating back into their own hands. As such we did not go there trying to sell any product. Rather, we went there first to inform the public of the problem of plastic lint going into our lakes and oceans and second to suggest ideas in how they can tackle this problem themselves.

The attendee response was surprising to us all. Everyone was shocked to learn that 35% of the micro-plastics in our oceans is from our laundry. They’ve all heard of the problem of micro-beads, the issue that’s received all the headlines and political attention. No one knew that the problem of laundry plastics is many times bigger. It was very encouraging that most people saw it as a problem that they want to take personal responsibility for, and many took away information on how to make a laundry filter for themselves.

For those of you who missed the festival, we will post information on this site on the laundry lint problem and how you can take part in the solution.

We will most likely return next year to Maker Festival. The work of spreading the word is a protracted one. In the meantime, we’ll be working with some the groups that we’d met at the festival to do more research and explore ways to bring this project to the next step.

Until next year please give us any feedback and suggestions you might have. We can’t do this without you!



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